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True Facts Everyone Should Know about Energy Healing

Energy healing is a holistic practice carried out by energy healers to help activate your body’s subtle energy system, thereby removing blocks. It stimulates the body’s inherent ability to heal itself by breaking through those energy blocks.

The human body is an integrated energy system that is in sync with the universe. Any imbalance in the body creates an obstacle in the flow of energy resulting in illnesses. With their energy-based healing techniques, energy healers try to ensure that energies flowing within the body moves without any obstruction.

The most popular types of energy healing techniques are pranic, Reiki, theta healing, and therapeutic touch.  An energy healer can help people in de-stressing and improving their quality of life.

Here are a few facts that will clear up any misconceptions or doubts you might have about energy healing:

Energy healing is based on scientific principles

We all know that everything is made up of molecules and its sub-particles. Even something as solid as a chair is vibrating all the time and we, as humans, are vibrating too.

When we say someone has positive vibes, we are referring to the vibrating energy of the person. People who are happy vibrate at a higher frequency.

Even places have vibes. Imagine that you have entered a room where a fight has taken place. You may want to leave the room immediately after you feel the dense energy. Beaches have a light vibe because of the moving air and salt. At the beach, air vibrates at a higher frequency bringing about the smooth flow of energy.

Study of the body’s energy centers through the centuries

Reiki, a Japanese tradition of energy healing, dates back to the early 20th century. Ancient Hindu texts were the first to describe the seven chakras, that are the energy transmission centers of the body. Chinese medicine practitioners developed acupuncture with the help of Meridians, the energy superhighways of the body.

So it’s evident that ancient cultures used different methods to stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal. However, they all recognized the power of internal energy.

Anyone can benefit from energy healing

You need not be a spiritual person to benefit from any type of energy healing. For maximum benefits, it is advisable to go in with an open mind. Any time is a good time to visit an energy healer.

An energy healing therapy can help you feel more balanced and relaxed if you are stressed, anxious, or physically exhausted. And if you are already feeling good, you might want to feel even better.

There are various types of accessible energy healing techniques

There are different types of energy healers and you can find them almost everywhere. You can find Reiki practitioners all over the world. But the best part about Reiki is that it can be received or given even if the client and practitioner are not in the same room.

Similarly, acupuncture practitioners can be very easily found but the client has to be physically present for this therapy. It stimulates the flow of chi to rebalance the body.

Whatever energy healing technique you opt for, remember that you have a right to be choosy when looking for a good energy healer.


Energy cleansing is a daily commitment for everyone, much like brushing and bathing. Once you find the best energy healer, you can keep the good vibes flowing throughout your life. So what’s important is to find the right energy healer to help you figure out what is blocking the positive vibes in you and your life.

Dina Visram, as an energy healer, practices non-traditional healing modalities such as chakra alignment, Reiki, chakra alignment, theta healing, inner child healing, manifesting, past-life regressions, and ancestral karmic healing. She is a soul alignment coach, intuitive, clairvoyant who is trained and highly experienced as an energy healer. A trained and practicing nurse for years, she is engaged in bringing about positive changes in people’s life every day.

Everything You Need To Learn About Energy Healing

Energy healing is a universal practice, which can restore the flow of energy throughout the body, soul, and mind. This traditional healing technique directly works with the emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of human beings. It is even imperative to cure various medical conditions, especially mental-oriented ailments.

This holistic practice can address various illnesses caused due to disruption in the body’s flow of energy. And the fixed flow of energy can completely cure a person against illness. Different types of energy healing techniques are currently available, which are effective to offer healing. Energy therapists try to confirm that the flow of energy in the body moves unobstructed. They can also assist people to relax and improves the quality of living.


The following are major sorts of traditional healing techniques –

  1. Reiki Healing

Reiki is a traditional healing technique of Japan that dates back to the beginning of the 20th Century. This traditional healing treatment is offered to patients along with general medicine to cure illness. In this healing technique, “ki” or “energy” is positively used to assist patients. Lots of hand movement methods and specific symbols are exercised to channelize the universal energy for the healing of the body.

Reiki is effective to cure various ailments, including stomach aches, cold and cough, influenza, and chronic illness. This energy healing technique is also imperative to heal heart-oriented diseases.

  1. Crystal Healing

In this healing technique, crystals and stones are used to remove impurities from the body. These crystals and stones work individually to target different types of physical, spiritual, and emotional problems. They also repel negative energies, which can obstruct the physical and mental well-being of the body.

  1. Pranic Healing

Pranic healing is a “no-touch” energy healing technique that develops “life force”, “prana” or “energy” to accelerate the inherited ability of the body to heal itself. This traditional therapy specifically works on the energy or aura of a person, and millions of energy practitioners exercise it to offer positive outcomes. In this healing technique, energy is practiced to clean the toxic from the body. And so, it works appropriately with psychological and physical conditions.

  1. Qigong

Qigong is a progressive method, which is used to recuperate the lost balance of the body. This healing therapy comprises of coordinated movements of the body to stimulate physical and spiritual well-being. This Chinese healing technique is commonly practiced to relax, recreate, exercise, self-care, preventive or alternative medicine, self-cultivate, and meditation. Qigong therapy further helps to balance the body’s flow of energy and retain positivity, which is important to stay vigorous.

  1. Quantum Healing

Quantum healing technique is created with the principle of resonance and entertainment. This energy healing therapy is a pseudo-scientific combination of ideals, which is concerned with psychology, quantum mechanics, neurophysiology, and philosophy. This healing therapy isn’t a spiritual aspect, although generates positive effects on immune systems. Quantum healing is an effective sort of alternative medicine,

Now, let’s look for the benefits of choosing the above-mentioned healing techniques –

a) Enhances focus and clarity

b) Increases sense of well-being

c) A deep state of relaxation

d) Heightens energy and vigor

e) Reduces stress and increases the pleasure of mind

f) Feeling secured to express inner-self

g) Restore a sense of self-acceptance and opening to powers

h) Helps to get rid of chronic conditions

i) Aptitudes to heal faster from diseases & trauma

j) Transformation of relationships

k) Deeper contact to creative expression and movements

l) Personal development and mental stability

However, the benefits of traditional healing techniques aren’t only restricted to the above-mentioned. And so, you can explore more results once you start take-up sessions.

Interested to get a complete view of major energy healing therapies? Theta healer Dina Visram can explain to you everything related to this holistic healing technique. She is a certified reiki master, qualified in Vedic Astrology, and as a soul alignment coach. She has experience working with a wide range of problems, such as past lives, karmic, psychic readings, soul contract blocks, black magic conditions, and energy healing for love, health, and prosperity.

To seek the assistance of such a qualified personality and resolve your serious problems or negativity, send an email at dinavisram@aol.com today!

Five Key Reasons to Visit an Experienced Energy Healer Today

The human body is a self-reliant energy system that shares a significant association with the universe. Any physical and/or psychological imbalance results in energy flow interruption, leading to illness.

Energy healing refers to a holistic treatment, which relies on the innate energy systems in the human body for removing blockages. The objective of all energy therapies is to resume that natural flow of energy and further ensure that it continues to traverse throughout the body without any obstacle.

A professional certified and authorized to practice energy healing is known as an energy healer. This immensely popular alternative healing modality functions by boosting the psychosomatic systems of an individual.

Some of the most widely known and practiced energy treatments include Reiki, Pranic therapy, Chakra balancing, and DNA Advanced ThetaHealing. In this blog, you’d learn about a few of the most significant advantages of energy healing in general.

Greatest Advantages of Consulting a Seasoned Energy Healer

Energy healing can prove to be extremely effective in addressing all kinds of issues, such as emotional, physical, and psychological. Researchers and scientists throughout history have become increasingly conformal of the invisible energy flow that propagates across the body, affecting its systems in an unmistakably profound manner. That’s why it’s best to get in touch with a veteran energy healer.

Some of the top reasons for going to a reputed energy healer are illustrated below in brief.

a) Helps Break Free from Bad Habits

A qualified energy healing practitioner works closely with an individual so that she/ he is able to properly identify the underlying causes of the prevailing challenges and also liberate themselves from any repetitive, old behavioral patterns and thought processes that are limiting them from experiencing health, abundance, happiness, and spiritual connection in the life.

Suppose you’re not able to cease smoking, put a period to your cravings, shed those extra pounds that are preventing you from wearing skin-tight denim, or stop an addiction for eternity. In that case, you should see an acclaimed energy healer near you at the earliest possible opportunity!

b) Revives Health

Energy healing is leveraged worldwide to cure a wide array of critical disorders and chronic health conditions. It’s incredibly beneficial in treating old skeletal and muscular injuries as well. A few energy healing sessions can also help revive the intricate harmony of the body’s fundamental systems, such as promoting superior circulation and improved digestion while ensuring overall immunity and well-being.

c) Helps Accomplish Any Objective

With an ace energy healer working side by side and guiding at every step, the victim will be able to abandon all emotional baggage, including any old feelings, such as remorse and guilt.

Furthermore, energy healing helps an individual get past the deepest fears that prevent her/ him from realizing her/ his true potential. It also fosters a winning psyche in the subconscious mind for navigating the sufferer to abundance. Admittedly, the importance of energy treatment in rebuilding self-confidence cannot be stressed enough.

d) Increases Inner Peace

Energy healing is also employed to alleviate depression, reduce anxiety and stress, and rediscover the joy in mundane daily routines. On availing energy healing, you’d be supercharged with a heightened sense of self-reliance and serenity. It can release all the pent-up and repressed anger from your subconscious mind so that you’re able to embrace compassion and find the ultimate inner peace.

e) Helps Discover True Purpose in Life

Energy healing can offer an individual with a firm and unfathomable sense of meaning and purpose, inspiring the intrinsic, intuitive emotions for steering her/him to positive life paths and affirming the connections to every person whom she/ he may know in life.

Dina Visram is a veteran energy healer, acclaimed clairvoyant, and also a renowned psychic. She possesses exhaustive knowledge in myriad alternative healing modalities, including DNA Advanced ThetaHealing, Reiki, Pranic Therapy, Chakra cleansing, Vedic astrology, angel/tarot/oracle card reading, and soul alignment coaching.

You can learn more about her services or schedule a consult at your preferred time by visiting the contact us page.