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7 Strategies to Get Rid of Your Bad Karma

Karma and past lives clearing

By pulling us toward the same types of jobs, people, events, diseases, accidents, and unnecessary burdens, bad karma can confine us in the same old patterns. Examining our karma and doing what it takes to fix it, will help establish the much-needed break in the karmic loop.

Put these 7 strategies into action to break free from your current karma and build a new reality:

Identify your karma

We are bound by our karma, which keeps us in unfavorable situations. Analyzing stagnant areas of your life is the first step to reversing your karma. Is it a love relationship that just won’t move forward or your career that you can’t seem to make progress? Have you been dealing with the same problems with family members for a long time?

Reflect on your obstacles honestly and analyze the root of your problem. Consider the question: when and how did it all begin? Identifying the root of the issue is the first step in untangling yourself from your karmic knots and moving toward your true potential.

Cut ties to toxic people

Life is already very complicated. Do not let the wrong people complicate it even more. If the energy of a person does not feel “right” and they continue to stress on you, you owe it to yourself and your karma to let them go.

But this does not mean that you become hostile towards that person. Be polite and respectfully distance yourself by setting boundaries to those that do more damage than good.

Learn from your mistakes

You will feel a shift in your energy when you admit your own wrongdoings. Taking responsibility for your mistakes can be hard since your ego does not like to be blamed. Gradually start by assessing your past mistakes and contemplating how you could do things differently the next time you are faced with a similar situation. It doesn’t mean that you should feel guilt or live in the past. Just make a promise to consult your karma first when you face a similar situation in the future.

Carry out actions that nourish your spirit and invoke well-being at all levels

Go back and comfort your inner child by doing things that feel good; get plenty of sleep, eat healthful foods, find time to remain quiet, exercise and self-reflect every day.

Confront your weaknesses

We naturally see ourselves to be weak in certain areas and strong in others. Maybe you find you are good at pleasing people but terrible at sticking up for yourself. What you do not know is that your weaknesses are your hidden strengths; they reveal your personality just as much as your special traits do.

Do not allow yourself to become the “victim” of your vulnerabilities—this encourages all kinds of karmic situations that prey on your sensitivities. Instead, cultivate the ability to defy your flaws and take the reins of karmic patterns.

Take a new action

Sometimes we are get trapped in the way we live without realizing its apparent drawbacks. Slow down to notice if your old ways of doing things are hindering you instead of taking you forward. It this is true, it is time to revise and change your behavior.

Acting as per right principles is the simplest way to settle all karmic debts and generate positive karma. Do good even when it is not expected of you. When in doubt, act in ways you would want others to act towards you.

Forgive everyone

Forgiving is the key to inner peace. Bad karma thrives on resentment and draws people who find excuses to feel resentful. We frequently ask ourselves the question, why we can’t break away from the spiral of negativity? The answer is that since we avoid reality, it is our feelings that draw us into those loops. To forgive is to detach yourself from internal emotions of anger, resentment, and frustration.

Every individual is fighting his or her own karmic battles. The sooner we identify the sources of our unsettled karma and take action to resolve it, the sooner we will be able to experience the miracle of liberation and be able to accomplish the bigger purpose of our lives.