Energy Healer


Prayers Done for You

Wanting to Manifest Something Wonderful in your Life? Do you want someone to have prayers done for you?

Are you wanting a new high paying job? longing for a baby? desire good health? Wanting to buy your dream house? Sell your current house? Looking for a soulmate? Wanting to remove the obstacles in your path? Wanting to bring in more positivity in your life? Is there marital discord in your marriage?

Allow me to pray for you or a loved one through the right channels – Ascended Masters, Angels or Divine Light Beings.

I offer customized prayers and mantra chants with other offerings like candles, fruits and flowers on your behalf for 15 or 30 days.

This removes the obstacles in your path and opens the floodgates for the manifestation to rush in for you.

Contact me to book this service and start opening the doors for manifestation to rush into your life TODAY!