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All life is made up of energy. Whether or not we recognize it in the moment, the energy in people, places and things has an effect on our lives.
  • Dina’s Intuitive Energy Consultation offers a path to better approach the energy of life. By clearing old or stuck energy from your chakras, aura and physical body, you can begin to see a brighter, clearer side of yourself.
  • Are you wanting a new high paying job? longing for a baby? desire good health? Wanting to buy your dream house? Sell your current house? Looking for a soulmate? Wanting to remove the obstacles in your path? Wanting to bring in more positivity in your life? Is there marital discord in your marriage?
  • Allow her to do this for you through the right channels – Using Light Energy from Ascended Masters, Angels or Divine Light Beings.

In this consultation session, she will access your energy and give you a mini healing transmission which will immediately bring you relief and positivity with your issues.

Times Price Booking
30 Minute Session 30 min $111 Book Now
1 Hour Session 1 Hour $222 Book Now