Energy Healer

Energy Healing with Best Vedic Astrologer in USA: A Complete Theta Healing Guide

Energy Healer

Energy healing refers to an alternative treatment modality that’s being increasingly utilized worldwide for restoring the flow and balance of energy throughout the mind, body, and soul. These days, several kinds of energy healing techniques are available. This includes Reiki, Pranic Healing, and advanced ThetaHealing (alternatively known as DNA advanced ThetaHealing or simply ThetaHealing)

These are put to practice by certified therapists, including some of the most acclaimed Vedic astrologers in USA, for treating a comprehensive range of health conditions and diseases associated with an individual’s mental well-being.

This blog aims to introduce Theta Healing in brief to the readers, along with discussing a few of its most significant advantages on the overall well-being of people.

Energy Healing (DNA Advanced Theta Healing) by a Vedic Astrologer in the USA

DNA activation is the essence of advanced Theta Healing.

If you visit a renowned Vedic astrologer in the USA who’s certified in advanced Theta Healing, your DNA will be activated during the Theta brainwave state in the initial therapy session.

Science has already proved that ninety-nine percent of the human Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) is non-coding, which means that they don’t have any role in making proteins and are commonly known as junk DNA. Activating those useless structures of Deoxyribonucleic Acid forms the basis of advanced Theta Healing.

A Few of the Life-Transforming Benefits of DNA Advanced Theta Healing

Key advantages of seeing a Vedic astrologer in the USA with an established track record in Theta Healing can range from renewed life purpose and improved relationships to energy boost and pain alleviation. As the DNA is known to regulate all emotional, spiritual, mental, and bodily aspects of human beings, the possibilities offered by advanced Theta Healing therapy can be truly infinite. Here are just a few of the many –

Treat All Your Diseases and Bodily Disorders in a Natural Way

It’s an established scientific fact that the manifestation of repressed negative emotions in the human body can host chronic health conditions. Being an eclectic combination of sleep cycle programming, quantum physics principles, and affirmative thinking techniques, Theta Healing helps you become aware of the unresolved emotions and facilitates the release of negative blockages from your chakras.

Cure Old, Hard-to-Heal, Life-Long Traumas and Wounds

It‘s not at all surprising to find that the general well-being of an adult individual can be deeply impacted by a childhood traumatic experience, which often turns out to be the prime cause of a plethora of health conditions in that affected person. However, they can be treated by Theta Healing through identifying that long-buried emotional energy and empowering the therapy seeker to let go of it in a confidential, one-to-one session.

Release Negative Beliefs That are Preventing from Realizing Your True Potential

Theta Healing actively coaches on how to push your limits and break past them through guided sessions where your negativity is replaced with positive affirmations. Once the therapist identifies the limiting thoughts that are holding you back and a pattern is confirmed, your practitioner will download more enabling beliefs and implant them in your mind.

If you’re trying to explore alternative ways of improving your physical and/or emotional well-being these days, it’s highly recommended to contact us for scheduling an appointment with a reputed Vedic astrologer in the USA possessing a varied experience in alternative healing practices.