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How to Do Cord Cutting Meditation

A cord cutting meditation is an energy practice that allows you to cut someone’s energetic links to you. You build esoteric ties with any other human whenever you have a connection with them, whether it’s a fast discussion or a lengthier relationship. Even if the individual is thousands of miles away, these energy cords keep you linked even if you can’t see them.

If you have energetic links with someone who is negative or draining, you may be leaking energy to them even when you are not in close proximity. You never realize how much of other people’s energy you’ve internalized until you break the cords! You might have energetic ties with a spouse or an ex-partner, a parent, a friend, or a co-worker.

You will discover how to practice cord cutting meditation in this blog. Before you begin this chord cutting meditation, make sure you’re in a comfortable posture.

Step 1: Relax and breathe

  1. Take a few deep breaths closing your eyes.
  2. Put your hand on your abdomen and feel it expand as you breathe in.
  3. Release any negativity as you exhale.
  4. Exhale your day out and let go of whatever bothering you.
  5. Continue to breathe softly in and out until you feel calm and comfortable.

Step 2: Call in the light

  1. Look up with your eyes closed and see or feel the light just over your head.
  2. Think about a tunnel of light that extends from your head to the skies. Recognize that the light is here to assist and support you.
  3. Request that the light channel flood your entire body with light and lovely pleasant energy… filling your head, face, neck… down through your shoulders, arms and hands, chest, abdomen, legs, feet, and into the ground.
  4. Allow yourself to be fully present in your body at this time.
  5. Allow the light to flow through you and connect to the Earth’s center through the earth.
  6. If you’re feeling tense in your body, ask the light to relax and release whatever heaviness you’re holding, and then let it go.
  7. Imagine yourself as a lovely shining ball of light, similar to a dazzling star or a lovely sun.
  8. Feel yourself emitting a beautiful, loving light all around your energy field…

Step 3: Become aware of the cords

  1. Now request the light to shine luminously on any fear-ridden cords that are coming out of your body.
  2. Where they are? What do they feel like?
  3. Take notice of them without judging them as they light up.
  4. Try to sense if there is any cord if you have any sensitive spots on your body.

Step 4: Call in your guidance to cut the cords

  1. It’s now time to invoke a higher power to assist you with the following phase.
  2. Ask God, your spirit guides, your guardian angel, the Archangels, or whichever heavenly direction resonates most strongly with you to assist you with this chord cutting meditation.
  3. Request that your heavenly guidance provides you with a light instrument to help you cut the cord that runs from your heart.
  4. A pair of scissors might be your light instrument… a knife… a sword… Feel what that light instrument is for you by opening your hand.
  5. Take the light tool and make a lovely, relaxed, rapid cut to the cord that is coming from your heart when you’re ready. Swoosh!

Step 5: Send love and light

  1. Now, command your heart to shoot a massive ball of blazing flame to the severed connection.
  2. This blazing, strong flame of love and light will continue to burn and char the cord’s ends.
  3. Imagine the cord sparking as this pure white light goes down the cord to the other end, burning up the cord and any fear-based objectives.
  4. When this flame reaches the other person, it will kindle and be cleansed by love and light… a blessing you are sending to them.
  5. Imagine the light flowing through you becoming into a liquid light that infuses your entire body, quickly cleaning your energy system.
  6. Send dazzling, white light to the area of your body where the chord was, mending it.
  7. Enable the light to dissolve all of your decisions to allow these fear-based programs to manifest in your life.
  8. Request that the light heals everything right now.
  9. If any cables remain, take your light tool and repeat the procedure of cutting the cord, burning it, and sending love sparks to everyone on the other end of it.
  10. Demonstrate to them that they have all they require.

Step 6: Practice gratitude

  1. Allow any dense energy in your environment to be cleaned by sending them up and offering them to a higher power.
  2. You’re now full of love, full of life, and totally alive.
  3. Feel your heart overflowing with appreciation.
  4. Thank your angels, spirit guardian, the Universe, God… whichever divine source of guidance you believe in (if you do), and return your light tool to your heart.
  5. Thank you for taking care of yourself and making a great difference in the world.
  6. As often as possible, ask your subconscious self to remind you to practice your cord cutting meditation and clear your energy.
  7. Now open your eyes.