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How to Practice the Cord-Cutting Meditation

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If you’ve been on a spiritual journey for a while, or if you’re familiar with visualization meditations, you may be familiar with this practice.

Even if it is unfamiliar territory for you, we are confident you will enjoy it once you give it a try!

What are the benefits of the Cord-Cutting Meditation?

Regularly practicing the cord-cutting meditation will help you recover physically, energetically, change your relationships, and strengthen your overall health.

Why we need to cut the cords

A single person’s energetic change has the potential to have a global effect. An energetic cord will develop between you and another person if you have any kind of connection to them.

Family members, lovers, colleagues, exes, employers, and even people you’ve just met briefly or don’t know personally (think celebrities) will all have energy cords binding them to you. People can send you cords without your knowledge!

These energy cords can be a major hindrance, particularly if they contain negative energy. These cords will bring you down if you have a cord connection to someone you judge, hate, or need to forgive.

If you have an energetic cord with someone you want to see again, such as an ex, a childhood acquaintance, a person with whom you burned a bridge, or even a fling you still obsess about, you almost definitely have an energetic cord with them. This attachment may feel like an enormous burden, and you have no idea where it is coming from!

You can cut cords with people you love, too

The cord-cutting meditation isn’t just about people who aren’t in your life any longer, or who you wish weren’t. Many of these energetic cords, in reality, are likely to lead to people you care about deeply.

You are not cutting this person out of your life by doing this meditation. Cutting the energetic cord that transmits harmful energy is what you’re doing.

You can also cut a positive cord that feels too needy. For example, maybe you have a fantastic friendship but you’re aware that you rely on this person a little too much. Cut the cord and give your relationship a new lease on life!

How the Cord-Cutting Meditation works

You sit comfortably, close your eyes, slow your breathing, and enter a meditative state to practice cord-cutting meditation.

You invite in every sort of guide you believe in, whether it’s angels, God, your inner wisdom, or the Universe, once you feel a sense of calmness wash over you.

In my mind’s eye, you can invite any such power to cut that cord for you.

You can welcome any being or their presence who can cut cords on your behalf. Ask him to go down that list, cutting through those cords with ease.

Say to whatever presence you invite in: “I ask you to cut these cords now.”

You will feel a sense of calm and a lot of support if you do this. Regularly doing this meditation will make you feel happier and healthier as if a weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

This practice has the power to heal, serve, and transform you in miraculous ways.

Experiment with it and have faith in the process. This isn’t just a visualization; it is a change of energy that can help you in ways you can’t imagine.