Theta Healing: How to Reach Your Full Potential Using It

Energy Healer and Energy Healing Teacher

It’s all the trend right now to do energy work. Energy work can’t be disregarded when it comes to being in tune with mindfulness, whether you use a meditation or happiness app, crystals, or have your own personal healer — and Theta Healing is one to pay attention to.

It’s a contemplative approach based on the fact that emotions and beliefs have an impact on us at the core, genetically, historically, and spiritually. It’s done in a theta brainwave state, which is a type of altered consciousness in which the brainwaves slow down to a relaxed condition.

What is Theta Healing Therapy?

Vianna Stibal, the founder of Theta Healing, has a long history of working in the fields of healing, energy work, and intuitive readings. She has merged the elements of a number of distinct fields into a single entity.

What is Theta Healing Technique?

Theta Brain Waves

The 4 primary brain waves provide us with measurements of our brain activity. When our minds are on high alert and our energy levels are high, we are in the Beta Wave state. This could indicate that we are anxious or paying more attention to something. When we are in the Alpha Wave, we are aware of our surroundings but comfortable and at ease. When we are in a deep slumber and all types of consciousness are turned off, we are in the Delta Wave. Theta Wave occurs when the conscious mind is sufficiently relaxed to allow direct access to the subconscious mind. Theta Healing accesses and uses the Theta Wave, which is a type of brain activity.


A guided Theta Healing meditation practice is intended to assist people connect to a sense of expansiveness, oneness, and connectivity while also nurturing self-love. During this meditation, you will be guided to a place filled with light, where you will be invited to dissolve all barriers and experience oneness with this light. You experience enlarged thinking, a connection to yourself as a universal being, and a connection to yourself as a co-creator on a perceptual level.

Digging / CBT

A digging process begins once you are in a conscious, expanded, relaxed state, similar to the area between sleep and wakefulness. This is the same as connecting with your subconscious mind to discover out where your fears, dreams, and mental barriers are located, as well as how these obstacles were developed and what needs to be reframed.

Frequently, you are pushed to the extremities of a best-case or worst-case scenario. So, if you are worried about failing in business, your genuine scary sentiments could stem from being homeless, without money, or being alone. These anxieties are identified and reframed. On the other hand, we may examine the most extreme source of achievement, which could result in feelings of overwhelm, overstretching, and exhaustion. Fears about this are brought to the surface once more to be reframed.


Muscle testing is utilized to get to the heart of what you’re feeling by bypassing the conscious mind. You’re invited to repeat certain disempowering or empowering remarks and determine the answer based on the strength of your body’s reaction. So, if someone asked you, “Do you fear success?” you would immediately say, “Of course not!” Your ego and conscious mind may laugh at the idea, but muscle testing may reveal that your body’s response to the statement, “I’m open to being a raving success!” is really weak.

Energy work

The benefits of Theta Healing are vast. You are encouraged to recognize that time and space are mental constructs rather than physical ones, thus the past can be healed in the present, the future may have been constructed in the past, and you may be so preoccupied with your future that you have no energy left for the here and now. The emphasis is on bringing your energies into the present moment.

A belief in God/ the Creator/ the Life Force, or the Higher Self

Everything in Theta Healing is based on the idea that there is a force at work that is greater than yourself. It makes no difference what you call it, and it has nothing to do with religion. However, you must be able to perceive that there is a broader picture, a reason for your being, and a force that drives you forward. You must accept that you are a piece of the puzzle, but that by connecting yourself with this creative energy, you can be directed to the highest good and best end in any given situation.

There are countless additional factors that come into play as you learn more about Theta Healing, but the list above in this blog provides you a good idea of what’s involved. As a magical being, welcome to yourself.